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Below is TBR’s commentary on Xerox’s 2Q16 earnings announcement. Please feel free to use this content with TBR and analyst attributions. Contact John Caucis at +1 603.929.1166 or via email at for additional analysis.

Investments in analytics and industry-specific solutions catalyze Xerox’s movement up the value chain as the company makes strides toward independence Xerox Ser … Read more »

Meaghan McGrath

When Oracle founder, executive chairman and CTO Larry Ellison claimed during Oracle’s June 2016 earnings call that Oracle would beat Salesforce to $10 billion in annual SaaS and PaaS revenue, acquisition alarms went off at TBR. As we wrote at the time, “With Salesforce on track to draw $10.5 billion in that segment by CY18, TBR believes Oracle can only reach this milestone first with additional, large acquisitions, on top of its 3Q16-closed Textura and Opower purchases, … Read more »